Deleted Flag Rows

Sub DeleteRowIfMarked()
‘If the first cell has a ‘x’ in it, then the row will be deleted. The process will stop when the first cell in the row is blank
Dim iStartRow As Integer, iSections As Integer, iCounter As Integer
Dim bEndMe As Boolean, bOneRemoved As Boolean
Dim sRange As String
Dim sRange2 As String

bEndMe = False
iStartRow = 2

sRange = “A” & CStr(iStartRow)
bOneRemoved = False

If Range(sRange).Value = “x” Then
sRange = CStr(iStartRow)
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
bOneRemoved = True
End If
sRange = “A” & CStr(iStartRow)
If Range(sRange).Value = “” Then bEndMe = True

If bOneRemoved = False Then
iStartRow = iStartRow + 1
‘The row was deleted so do not increment
iStartRow = iStartRow
End If
Loop Until bEndMe = True
End Sub


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