Access Online

Need a new or existing Access Database setup to be used with Office 365 or Sharepoint?

There are a number of ways this can be achieved. Firstly using SharePoint or Office 365, you can set up your own or Microsoft hosted solution. These will allow us to rapidly setup a basic database for your users.

We can also host a database with Microsoft but then use native Access to link to online. This means that you can install native Access on your Windows based Laptops, PC’s, Tablets and Mobile devices and access the data from the cloud. This solution is very cost effective with storage starting from as little as $420 P/A with no other ongoing costs. Given that databases can be rapidly set up in Access, this becomes a very cost effective development solution.

We also often get asked, what about iPad and iPhones. Yes it is possible to create limited solutions using these and other platforms.

Why not call us to discuss your requirements further with one of our analysts?

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