Access/Azure Cloud Based Solutions

Access Cloud Based Database Solutions

Microsoft Azure will allow us to host your data in the cloud with Microsoft. This data can then be accessed from our custom built Access databases. This allows our database to access data from any location and now allows us to create Cloud based solutions with Microsoft Access.

Existing Access Databases

If you have an existing Microsoft Access database, then we can take the backend database (We can split and create a backend if your database doesn’t have one), and port that database to Azure. Then add some code to point your front end database to Azure. Everything will remain the same except now your data is accessible from any location and store in the cloud for everyone to access.

Web Apps Linked to your Databases

Often you may want to gather data from your clients, suppliers and people of interest who do not have Access to your database application. Using Azure we can create hosted web apps that will run on any device through their web browser, gather data from the web page and store it in your Azure database. You will then have instance access to that data through your Database application.

Is an Access/Azure Databases Right for you?

We actually create other database solutions with and without Azure using Visual Studio. The fact though that your database in Azure is actually a SQL Server database and that it is cloud based means that some of the limitations on Access in the past are no longer relevant. It also means that we can create very cost effective solutions, which in the past was not possible for web/cloud based applications. The main issue we find with Access solutions is where devices are not always Windows based, Access is not permitted to be installed on devices or the scale of the database and users is at a very large level. We have a number of alternatives to Access/Azure including:

  1. ASP/SQL Server Azure Based Application.
  2. or + SQL Server Application.
  3. Web Application.
  4. Client/Server Access Applications.

Access/Azure Requirements

  • Windows PC/Tablet
  • Microsoft Access or the free Access run time installed on each device.
  • The free Azure driver installed.
  • An Internet connection.
  • An Azure subscriptions (Although we can host and maintain your Azure Database for you).

On Going Costs for an Access/Azure Solution

There is a monthly fee for hosting a database with Azure. If you would like us to take care of the maintenance and hosting then the current cost is $35 per month for a small to medium size data usage. Once a custom database is delivered there are no further costs unless you require ongoing help, training or additions to the database. We are always here to help you with any ongoing requirements.

Help Designing a Custom Database Solution

Office Experts Group has developers that can work in all areas of Microsoft Database development. If you need help designing or determine what is best for your organisation, then our experienced database programmers can help analyse and develop a solution that suits your organisations requirements. Give us a call or send us an email and an experienced consultant will help you out.

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